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Pharma-Soothe Gel/Shampoo:

This product is for very dry and itchy skin, it puts back the necessary nutrians into the coat.  

- Apply after washing your pet

- Gently apply onto skin when still wet

- No need for rinsing

Gel contains:

- Natural tea tree oil

- Aloe Vera Gel

- Evening Primrose Oil

Pet Eye Drops:

An effective antibacterial eye wash for all common dog and cat eye infections.

Pet Ear Drops:

An effective sanitising ear wash for ear infection in dogs and cats.

Pet Antiseptic:

A powerfull antiseptic treatment for flesh wounds, rashes, burns and sores.  Very effective healing product.

Pet Mouthwash:

Effective against bacteria causing bad breath and gingivitis in dogs and cats.

Baby Breath Perfume:

To smell good all the time for all female pets.

Mr Rambo Perfume:

To smell good all the time for all male pets

Happy Dog Shampoo:

Happy Dog Shammppo with its natural "scent" has been developed taking into account the dogs sense of smell.  

This mild soap shampoo cleanses your pet throughly and with minimum effort.

Without stripping the dogs natural protective mantel of oils, naturally excreted from the dogs skin and coat, will help protect the skin and give your dog that shiny healthy look.

Primrose Shampoo:

This shampoo is for dogs with sensitive skin specially for Pekingese, Yorkies, Shih tzu, Maltese Poodles.

Also works great for dogs with long hair.

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